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  • I leave for
    an unfamiliar place
    for meeting myself.
  • This is where time
    goes by slowly along
  • nest hotel,
    This is
    Your own hideout.

Nest on Reed Beds

Nest on Reed Beds.

nest hotel boasts a remote location in Yeongjongdo.
The hotel site was known for its spectacular view of naturally grown reeds.
It was only natural that nest hotel decided to preserve as many reed beds as possible when building the hotel.
The reeds that have occupied Yeongjongdo are the true owners of the land, and more notably, nest hotel wanted to share the perfect natural harmony of reeds, ocean, and pine trees with its guests.

  • Hotel Overview A hotel inspired by nature
    nest hotel was designed with cozy nuances and a natural motif so that guests can stay at a home away from home
  • Hotel Overview A place for a true getaway, but not far from the busy city
    nest hotel was designed as a nest surrounded by and made of reeds. nest hotel is a design hotel established to serve as a true refuge, like a cozy and comfortable nest, for guests who want to take a break from their busy lives.
  • Hotel Overview Services for each and every guest
    nest hotel values each and every one of its guests. nest hotel rejects the conventional services of hotels and attentively listens to its guests. nest hotel also offers an exclusive application for easy and convenient check-in and check-out for the smart management of guests’ schedules.

Nation's First Design Hotels Membership

nest hotel, with its branding, architectural design, and interior decor by the creative group JOH, was completed as a unique design hotel, a rare feat in Korea. nest hotel acquired the nation’s first Design Hotels™ membership, only extended to unique design hotels of the world, and it is full of dynamic cultural energy and inspiration. It is the perfect destination for trendsetters who want a unique experience and creative people who are highly interested in architecture, design, and the arts

Design Hotels Group has selected unique and impressive design hotels of the world and operated a membership program currently consisting of over 250 hotels from over 40 countries.

Fact Sheet

Date of Establishment
September 12, 2014
19-5 Yeongjonghaeannam-ro (Wunseo-dong), Jung-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City, 400-340
TEL: 82 32 743 9000 / FAX: 82 32 743 9300
Reinforced concrete
Number of Guestrooms
370 (including Suite Rooms)
The PLATZ providing an all-day dining experience with a wide range of gourmetdishes.
The Kunst Lounge offering a wide variety of liquors, premium drinks and gourmet snacks
Additional Facilities
Fitness Center; Sauna; Jogging Course; Mini-theater; with a library of over 1,000 books on art;
Nearby Tourist Attractions
Yeongjongdo, an island within a 40-minute distance from Seoul, has scenic beauty comparable to that of the East Sea and the South Sea
BMW Driving Center
Time to get:about 13 min

Asia’s first BMW Driving Center is a space to experience the cultures of BMW and Mini cultures. It has driving tracks with the themes of “Experience,” “Joy,” and “Green.”BMW Driving Center is a great spot for children and couples as well as car lovers to make unforgettable memories.
Try various BMW models and enjoy a professional driving experience.

Discovery Masian Tideland
Time to get:about 5 min

3kilometers-long Masian Tideland is renowned for its vast mudflats during the tide-fall. Masian Tideland offers the whole-new experience of Tideland with its sea lives, such as conch, octopus, crabs near the forest settings.

Hanagae Beach
Time to get:about 18 min

Hanagae refers to the unique, large mudflat. Hanagae Beach has fine and clean sand and a beach that stretches for a kilometer with a gentle slope. Hanagae Beach is well known as a shooting location of the TV dramas “Flower Boys” and “Stairway to Heaven.”

Eulwang-ri Beach
Time to get:about 16 min

Eulwang-ri Beach is well known as a crescent-shaped sandy beach that has breathtaking views as both sides of the Beach are lined with thick pine forests and rocks of fantastic shapes. The sunset at the Beach is truly stunning.

Wangsan Beach
Time to get:about 18 min

The sunset at Wangsan Beach is so beautiful that it was included in the top eight scenic beauties of Yongyu. Wangsan Beach is a popular family vacation spot as it has a clean and sandy beach, clear water, a mud massage program, and various programs at fishing villages such as digging clams and turban shells.

Time to get:about 15 min

Silmido, an island connected to the land through a mudflat twice a day at low tide, is the shooting location of the movie Silmido from Director Wu-Seok Kang. Visitors can see the island’s east coast with a fine sandy beach and the west coast with dynamic rocks.

Incheon Bridge Memorial Hall
Time to get:about 17 min

The Memorial Hall of Incheondaegyo, one of the world’s top five cable-stayed sea bridges connecting to Incheon Free Economic Zone, provides a general introduction of the construction site of Incheondaegyo. Visitors can see the changing views of Incheondaegyo and downtown Incheon day and night at Memorial Hall’s observatory.

Time to get:about 20 min

Yeongjongdaegyo is a grand bridge connecting Geyongseo-dong, Seo-gu, and Yeongjongdo. It is a unique and beautiful bridge with dazzling seasonal illumination.



19-5 Yeongjonghaeannam-ro (Wunseo-dong), Jung-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City, 400-340
TEL: 82 32 743 9000 / FAX 82 32 743 9300
By Car
Take Incheon Airport Expressway toward Yongyu and Muwido, drive about 5km along Yeongjonghaeannam-ro, and take the road toward the motorboat racing center.
By Airport Railway

It takes 43 minutes from Seoul Station to Incheon International Airport via direct train and 53 minutes via regular train. Get off at the first floor of the passenger terminal airport arrivals, please use the shuttle bus from the 14C gate.

Free shuttles for Nest Hotel
Operated at One hour intervals at Gate 14C on the 1st floor of the Passenger Terminal, Incheon International Airport
- From Airport to Hotel : From 06:15 to 22:45
- From Hotel to Airport : From 06:00 to 22:30 * It takes about 10 ~ 15 minutes to get from the Airport to the Hotel. Check for Shuttle Schedule